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Motivated To Sell® - A Dynamic End to End Sales Training Series

Consider the following questions...Do you close one third or less of your prospecting attempts? Does 80% of your revenue come from a few accounts or sales team members? Are you and your team stuck in the mode of just selling products, features and benefits? Do you truly understand what it means to sell strategically? Is the inability to effectively communicate inhibiting you from identifying the real issues that prevent closing the sale? Are you constantly running the “sales quota fire drill” because you lack the skills to consistently uncover sales opportunities to drive new business growth? When it is time to negotiate does a great opportunity turn into a missed opportunity or lost profits? Are you developing ironclad relationships that secure business for the long term?

Motivated To Sell® is an extraordinary sales training series based on six indispensable areas: Selling Solutions, Selling Strategically, Next-Generation Prospecting, Compelling Presentations, Negotiate Like a Pro, and ‘Moving the Dial’ Coaching. Motivated To Sell® will produce immediate and dramatic results with inexperienced or tenured sales professionals. Ice cold, stale or stagnant individual or team performance will not matter. Motivated To Sell® will enable ALL sales professionals to develop or reinvent themselves to believe, achieve and thrive in highly competitive business environments and in a challenging economy.

  • Motivated To Sell Solutions® will enable you and your sales organization to take on a consultative/strategic partner role to develop next-generation solutions that will meet the needs of your client. Consult and Close Like A Pro® and exceed your quota every quarter!
  • Motivated To Sell Strategically® will prepare you and your sales teams to identify strategic sales opportunities, formulate winning pursuit sales strategies and create strategic roadmaps. This will undoubtedly influence and impact key stakeholders.
  • Motivated To Prospect® will train you and your sales organization on how to prospect with confidence via email, social media, and the phone. Prospect Like A Pro® and start turning cold calls into legitimate sales opportunities!
  • Motivated To Present® will position you and your sales team to present with confidence and get your point across with enthusiasm, passion and conviction. This program will make you look and sound more compelling. Present like A Pro® to ensure your clients connect with your selling story!
  • Motivated To Negotiate® will empower you and your sales team with the ability to recognize buyer negotiation tactics and counter with compelling responses. Negotiate Like A Pro® and put a “win-win” outcome on the table that will seal the deal!
  • Motivated to Coach® will redefine your ability to coach sales team members, hone their skills, improve their confidence and enable them to reach new sales heights. Coach Like A Pro® and watch your team deliver consistent results!

The Paul Bramson Companies offers a core set of logical, trainable and repeatable sales methodologies that have been consciously crafted and refined by professionals who have years of sales and training experience. These sales methodologies will equip professionals from ALL industries with the skills and tools needed to yield robust sales results.

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