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Motivated To Negotiate®

Have you blown a relationship, contract or sale because you failed to put a "win-win" outcome on the table? Have you encountered buyer or vendor negotiation tactics that have tripped you up and cost the company big profits? Have you been dazed by a client’s request and failed to respond with a strategic question or solution? Have you been the first to break the silence barrier and lost the upper hand in a negotiation dual? Have you agreed to terms that you have regretted the moment you walked out the door?

The Paul Bramson Companies has developed a Motivated To Negotiate® workshop that teaches the artistic science required to Negotiate Like A Pro®. This program will empower individuals and teams with the principles and techniques to navigate a successful negotiation that will please the client and post big wins for the company.

Motivated To Negotiate® will teach you and your team how to listen at a higher octave, identify different negotiator types and tactics and propose compelling concessions or solutions. Negotiate Like A Pro®, finalize and close the perfect deal!