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Motivated To Coach®

Are you developing and inspiring leaders to deliver consistent results? Do you lack the leadership finesse to navigate difficult conversations, ruin relationships and further diminish performance? When feeling the heat, do you focus on driving quick results or developing the skill sets of people to deliver over the long term?

The Paul Bramson Companies has developed a Motivated To Coach® workshop, an unorthodox, high-energy program designed to prepare and motivate leaders and mentors to effectively coach people to deliver consistent results. The program will also instill leaders with distinct principles, techniques and qualities to effectively coach their team members without damaging an individual’s confidence or the business relationship.

This workshop will push your limits regardless of your experience level and will redefine your ability to coach team members which is not only critical to success but a required skill in today’s business environment.

All coaching workshops are equipped with the following:

  • Coaching Simulations: an authentic and live learning lab that enables you to apply and practice new coaching skills.
  • Coaching Roadmap: insight on where to begin and how to map out a successful journey for your team.
  • Coaching Execution Plan: how to hold yourself accountable to outline and implement a strategic 30/60/90 day plan

The Motivated To Coach® series includes the following programs:

  • Communication Skills Coaching
  • Presentation Skills Coaching
  • Performance Management Coaching

Coach Like A Pro® and maximize your team’s talents.

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Motivated To Lead®

Does your team or organization lack energy and zeal? Have you heard about water cooler conversations that indicate the team isn’t all in? Have you reviewed the annual company survey results to find that no one has confidence in your leadership ability? When you explain the corporate strategy and vision, do you miss on explaining the “why” and “how” which is needed to get team members to buy in and deliver results? Are you an expert in your field but lack the emotional intelligence needed to communicate effectively with your organization?

The Paul Bramson Companies has developed a Motivated To Lead® workshop that will equip you and your team with the knowledge needed to begin leading like a human. Discover that you are always being watched and observed. Leverage your own unique personal human characteristics to connect and lead in a way that will motivate team members. Lead Like A Pro® and inspire your team to believe, be accountable, be collaborative and deliver results that exceed expectations.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Are you an experienced leader that needs to revitalize your personal leadership brand and style? Does the team culture need rejuvenating? Are you an emerging leader that wants to get off to a fast and prosperous start? Have you consistently delivered off the chart results and have recently hit a wall? Do you lack emotional intelligence and need to learn how to develop self-awareness and finesse? Do you need help learning how to navigate office politics? Are you looking for a next generation leader coaching experience that moves beyond the generic?

The Paul Bramson Companies provides personal one-on-one coaching that will enable you or any member of your team to learn how to communicate, coach and lead more effectively. Learn how to strategically develop core messaging for a one on one conversation or the broader organization that will resonate and motivate. Master how to prepare for tough conversations that are critical to a person’s professional success and the company’s bottom line. Lead Like A Pro® with persuasiveness, conviction and confidence and drive dynamic results that will take you and your team to new heights.

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