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That Get Results

Logical, Trainable, and Repeatable Methodologies

The Paul Bramson Companies offer a core set of logical, trainable and repeatable methodologies that have been consciously crafted and refined by professionals who have years of training and sales experience. Communication, presentation, selling, negotiation, coaching and leadership seminars as well as one-on-one executive coaching are all part of the training portfolio. The Paul Bramson Companies offer professionals from ALL industries with the skills and tools necessary to yield robust results.

Motivated To Sell® is an extraordinary sales training series based on six indispensable areas: sales prospecting, sales presentations, selling strategically, sales negotiation, sales closing and sales coaching. more

The Motivated To Coach® workshop is an unorthodox, high-energy program designed to prepare and motivate leaders and mentors to effectively coach people to deliver consistent results. more

Motivated To Present® is a comprehensive presentation skills workshop that will teach you and your team techniques to deliver powerful presentations that will captivate the audience. more

The Motivated To Negotiate® program will empower individuals and teams with the principles and techniques to navigate a successful negotiation that will please the client and post big wins for the company. more