Biography - The Paul Bramson Companies


Paul Bramson has been described as a powerhouse in the training industry and is distinguished as being the most effective trainer, coach and speaker in the industry today. Bramson is considered a global authority and thought leader in the areas of sales, leadership, communication and negotiation. He and his team have over 25 years of experience embodying the true gifts of a teacher able to accurately illuminate challenges, by empowering all levels of professionals, leaders and teams in ALL industries with next-generation knowledge and skills. Bramson’s effectiveness to reach his audience comes from the sincerity and tremendous passion he has for the messages he delivers.

Bramson and his team bring their magnanimous and refreshingly candid personalities to each seminar, leaving the paradoxical message wherever they go. It's fundamentally motivating. Their delivery method is entertaining and it intoxicates the audience with the material, by allowing audience members to reflectively see themselves within each principle. The team actively helps individuals achieve personal success by imploring them to shift their mindset from previous conditioning, while encouraging them to learn cutting edge skills and strategies. They encourage their students to uncover individual strengths by breaking down their weaknesses. They are masters at tapping into undeveloped talent and helping teams soar to the height of their potential. As of today, over 300,000 professionals worldwide have been gratefully and beneficially influenced by Bramson and The Paul Bramson Companies.

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